Commercial Inspection/ Due Diligence

Inspection and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports. CSE conducts inspections and publishes reports per the latest ASTM and other national standards.

CSE also provides Facade & Fire Escape inspections to meet city ordinance.

CSE’s portfolio includes, strip shopping centers, regional malls, high-rise office buildings, medical office buildings, hotels, warehouse/ industrial facilities, multi-family residential dwellings and cell towers.

High-rise office building



Hotel facility

Cell Tower


Regional Mall

Strip Center

Nursing Home

Property Condition Assessment

Residential Home Inspection

Foundation cracks/ defects investigation

Property Condition Assessment of commercial

Facade & Fire Escape inspections to meet city

Opinion of Building Replacement Costs

Loan Servicing Inspection/ Draw Review

Construction Observation Services

Comprehensive Commercial Building Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Insurance Inspection

FHA/ VA Foundation Certification

Foreclosure Bank Inspection

Foundation Inspection

Wet Basement remediation

Moisture Intrusion Investigation

Third-party Peer Review of assessment reports

ADA Access Assessment

Seismic Assessment/ Probable
Maximum Loss (PML)

HUD & Low-income Property Inspection

Historic Building Inspection

Field Service Inspections

New Construction Inspection

Code Consultation

Flat Roof Surveys

Environmental Site Assessment:

Environmental Site Assessment, Phase I Studies

Lead-in-Water Assessment

Limited Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Assessment

Limited Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) Assessment

Public Records Review

Radon Inspection

Phase II Environmental Assessment Evaluation

Historical Site Data Review