Expert Witness/ Forensic Engineer

Serving Cincinnati Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana & beyond


CSE is often retained by private companies and/or homeowners for investigating structural failures due to sub-grade settlement, high-wind, water intrusion or other related failures.

Our principal engineer had testified in court, was deposed by attorneys and had written hundreds of forensic reports.

CSE’s past investigations included retaining wall failure, roof collapse, roadway construction related accident, pedestrian slip and fall accident, and other construction related structural defects.

Failed retaining wall

Roof failure due to high-wind

Sub-grade settlement

Interior wall cracking 

Roof Collapse

Forensic Engineering Services:

Structural Failure Investigation

Fire/ Water/ Wind Damage Assessment

Property Insurance Claims including Cause of Loss

Structural/ Civil engineering Expert Witness testimony.

Construction Defect Claims

Legal Support

Construction Schedule Delay 

Site Safety analysis including OSHA requirements

Fall Protection Design

Foundation settlement / heave

Structural repair analysis

Slope/Soil Drainage evaluation